Welcome to the Frog Creek Brewing Wesbsite!

Welcome to our page for Frog Creek Brewing, the first craft brewery in Monroe, Michigan. We strive to make quality beers for quality people using as many locally sourced ingredients as possible. We also use our spent grain to produce other products, such as, dog biscuits, bread, muffins, etc. We also hope to provide some of our grains to local farmers as fertilizer. Feel free to check out our Facebook Page to keep up with our happenings that may not be as big as the news we post here. Be sure to like us, and help us develop a strong community for our beers!
Detroit Hustles Harder
Detroit Hustles Harder
with some Frog Creek Brewing
Chocolate Death Porter
Our page is currently in constant development, so be sure to check back frequently, as we will be keeping you up to date on our adventure going from home brewer to a licensed craft brewer along with any fundraising, taste testings, community building events, and other activities!
We have shirts available now on our Gear page! Check them out, only $18 each while supplies last!
Propane Burner Working it's Magic
Propane Burner Working it's Magic
Our goal is to build a brewery that is as much about good beer as it is about building a strong community presence, including families.
We also look to develop homemade sodas, teas, and food products. Currently we are looking for the perfect location to host our dreams of building our family friendly, locally sourced craft brewery! Keep a look out in the area for and great possibilities that could meet our needs! Until next time, keep enjoying those craft beers!
Looking for a brewery, check out Michigan Brewers Guild. Look for us soon on the upcoming list, Breweries in Planning
Northern Lights
Various grains used for making beer.
Courtesy of a visit to the Beer Museum of Prague.