Welcome to the Frog Creek Brewing Wesbsite!

The Company
Frog Creek Brewing is a Monroe, Michigan based craft microbrewery. We don't try to make a perfect beer for a perfect world, we make imperfect beer for imperfect people
Our History
We started out as so many have, home brewing, nearly 12 years ago. Back then it was just a cool thing to do so we could make some beer and see how well a kit turned out. In the end of 2013 we picked up the hobby a bit more seriously. We got into a system doing 5 gallon extract brews. Then we moved up to a 10 gallon all grain system. We made our own wort chiller, got a propane burner, got into kegging, and began working on a permanent brewing system.
The People
Rob has been homebrewing since 2004. He has also taken classes online through Portland State University for his Brewing Certification and is also enrolled at Schoolcraft College for their Brewing Certification Course. A purveyor of craft beers, he is always willing to try anything once. His favorite style of beer is currently Belgian. Has also had his curiosity peaked by Sour Beers.
Gerald has been homebrewing since 2004 also. He is an engineer by habit and is the mind behind many of our functioning parts of the brewery. He has the know-how to develop programs and apps that are used in the brewing and development process and also the mechanic capability to make ideas into reality for many pieces of equipment. Favorite Beer is Miller 64, he says he likes anything that has crips low-calorie taste. He also giddy for gluten-free beers!